The Team

Vini Cortez - 3D Artist/Game Developer/CEO

Founder of Cortez Productions, has already worked for about 4 years as a 3D/Texture Artist in the Games Industry.

Henrique Cortez - Marketing Director

Marketing Director - Graduated professionally in Marketing, possessing aptitude for the management of all digital platform of the company.

Christopher Alencar - 3D Texture Artist

Texture Artist - His passion for the development of Textures began with his studies on Game Development.

Lucas Lauer - 3D Artist

3D Artist - Hard Surface / Weapons Artist. Specialist in creating weapons and also props.

Leonardo Silvestre - Video Editing/Motion Graphics

Video Editing/Motion Graphics - Leonardo is a video editor and motion designer from Brazil, has already done several works for digital influencers on youtube over the years and still working on it as a freelancer doing weddings, corporations videos and others. For him, tell and listen to a good story it's a passion since he was a kid.